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Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare marketing can be challenging and given the fact that the industry is so highly regulated you need to make sure you are partnered with the right team. If you have any more questions about marketing for medical practices then be sure to let us know. We breath marketing and don't mind at all.

  • Can medical practices run social media ads or do online marketing?
    Yes, there is nothing in the HIPPA guidelines (USA), GMC guidelines (UK) The Therapeutic Goods Advertising Code and AHPRA guideline (Aus) or HPCSA ethical guidelines (RSA) that restricts medical practices from running social media ads as long as they don't bring their profession into disrepute, canvass using generalised language or tout using inflammatory terms or imagery, use comparison advertising or by drawing attention to qualities that are not focused around their profession. Social Medical has studied all the legislation regarding healthcare marketing and consults regularly with medico-legal experts to stay up to date and informed.
  • Do you give guarantees on your work at Social Medical?
    Like every marketing campaign and medical intervention in history, no guarantee of success can be made by Social Medical or anyone else. Whether you post an ad in the newspaper or hand out pamphlets, there is no guarantee that it will be successful, but we have aggressively tested multiple campaign types and are always learning the best techniques to get fantastic results in the healthcare marketing space for our clients. Social media, Google ads and online marketing for private practices in general has consistently out performed all other forms of marketing.
  • Do you do the healthcare advertising copy and post creative in-house?
    Yes, we do and all health, wellness and medical marketing creative, but input is run passed you before posting online. We are able to perform content creation and even video content on our high plans. Social media for medical professionals is what we specialize in and we know exacly what type of content brings your practice the right attention and is completely ethical and effective.
  • Does the fee include my budget for healthcare, medical and wellness advertising?"
    No, it does not. The fee is for Social Medical services alone. If you have a budget that is below our minimum threshold, we will not take you on as a client as we feel that would be unfair to you as we would not be able to deliver the kind of results you would need to see a real return on investment. Digital marketing is an excellent way to create awareness for your private practice or health/wellness business and drive results, but requires a thoughtful plan to see truly lasting results.
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