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Marketing for Healthcare Professionals by Healthcare Professionals

We are a full-stack marketing firm that pride ourselves on a unique and ethical style of marketing suited to the medical industry. Reputation is everything and, as former medical professionals ourselves, nobody understands you better than us.

Goal Driven Marketing

Focused metrics performance is at the heart of every one of Social Medical's campaigns. You rely on data to make good clinical decision on your treatment plan, likewise we rely on data from our marketing to optimise, improve and deliver return on your investment.

Because throwing an advertising campaign out onto an online platform and wishing for the best is no way to be running your marketing and managing your reputation.

Patient education & Onboarding

At the heart of every successful marketing campaign is a central focus on driving value, education and nurturing the vital relationship between patient and medical professional.


At Social Medical, we utilise our highly researched performance metrics, in combination with our understanding of relational psychology, to create the perfect environment to educate patients, add value and bring those individuals through your doors as paying clientele.

Attract patients to your medical practice

Patient Experience

Create interest in your medical practice

Your reputation is all you have and more and more these days it is becoming integral that you take proactive steps to manage it.

Our team of digital experts go through painstaking detail to optimise the experience that your potential patients have before they even have the opportunity to meet you in person for the first time.


We also do reputation risk management to ensure that you do not get the wrong publicity. Trust is everything in healthcare and we are meticulous at ensuring yours remains high.

Reports & Analytics 

Our performance metrics play a vital role in ensuring that every marketing endeavour is optimised and objectively measured.


We don't just focus on the amount of engagement our marketing directives achieve but go deep into analysing your specific return on investment, taking into account your real-world expenses, and ensuring that our expertise allow your specialised offering to thrive amongst your community.


We monitor performance metrics in real-time and provide a comprehensive, monthly analytical reporting that allows you to continue to grow your practice.

Attract new patients
Improve your private practice revenue

Ready to Make Your Practice Dreams a Reality

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