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We're one of you...we get it!

Social Medical was started by seasoned medical practice owner, Basil Adriaanse. It is his mission to help as many medical practice owners experience the joy of operating a practice that affords them the lifestyle they want and deserve.

This Is How We Started


Medical Practices started


Practice hours decreased by 80%


Launched Social Medical and LMS Social Medical Marketer


Opened services internationally

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After many years of successfully owning and operating private healthcare practices. Basil has taken his passion for meaningful patient engagement ​and combined it with his expertise in online marketing. The result: Social Medical Marketing Firm. A marketing firm that gets you and understands the specific needs inherent to a medical business. 

We strive to create the margin required to balance your successful practice and the lifestyle you desire to achieve. Giving you breathing room! 

We understand the importance of building rapport with patients and use this knowledge in driving the psychology behind all of our marketing campaigns. Our ambition is to bring your message, your specialised skillset and your unique and esteemed manner of working with patients right into the everyday of your ideal patient.

Marketing has always been present within the medical landscape. From word of mouth to print ads to the Yellow Pages, advertising has been utilised...BUT the system is evolving fast.

Your ideal, desired patient is now found on social media and, without a noticeable presence on these platforms, gaining traction for your practice will prove difficult.

Social Medical makes this easy for you with our understanding of medical services and our expertise in online marketing.

Social Medical in Numbers 


years in the medical sector


countries consulted in


international forums invited to speak at


practices & health businesses helped

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